1879 FA Cup Final

1879 FA Cup Final
Event1878–79 FA Cup
Date29 March 1879
VenueKennington Oval, London

The 1879 FA Cup Final was contested by Old Etonians and Clapham Rovers at the Kennington Oval, London Borough of Lambeth, South London. Old Etonians won by 1–0, the only goal scored by Charles Clerke.


Although Clapham dominated the early stages of the final, with Norman Bailey having two attempts on target, Herbert Whitfeld continued to run at the Clapham defenders with little assistance from his colleagues. After a goalless first-half, the only goal of the game came after 59 minutes, when Charles Clerke scored from close range following a run from Harry Goodhart.[1] The old Etonians thus claimed the cup for the first time in what was considered to be "the poorest FA Cup Final to date".[2]

Match details

Old Etonians1–0Clapham Rovers
Charles Clerke Goal 59'
Old Etonians
C. Rovers
Old Etonians:
GK John Purvis Hawtrey
DF Edward Christian
DF Lindsay Bury
MF Hon Arthur Kinnaird (C)
MF Edgar Lubbock
MF Charles Clerke
FW Norman Pares
FW Harry Goodhart
FW Herbert Whitfeld
FW John Chevallier
FW Mark Beaufoy
Clapham Rovers:
GK Reginald Birkett
DF Robert Ogilvie
DF Edgar Field
MF Norman Bailey
MF James Prinsep
MF Frederick Rawson
FW Arthur J. Stanley
FW Stanley Scott
FW Herbert Bevington
FW Edward Growse
FW Cecil Keith-Falconer


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