1945 French legislative election in Gabon–Moyen Congo

Elections to the French National Assembly were held in Gabon and French Congo on 21 October 1945, with a second round of voting on 18 November.[1] Gabriel d'Arboussier and Jean-Félix Tchicaya were elected.

Electoral system

The two seats allocated to the constituency were elected on two separate electoral rolls; French citizens elected one MP from the first college, whilst non-citizens elected one MP in the second college.[1]


The election campaign was largely a contest between three large ethnic groups; the Fang of Gabon, the Mbochi in the north of Congo and the Vili from the Pointe-Noire coastal area. One other large group, the Kongo, refused to vote or wrote the name of the religious figure André Matsoua (who had died in prison in 1942) on the ballot paper.[2]

The Fang candidate was Jean-Hilaire Aubame, whilst the Vili candidate was Jean-Félix Tchicaya.


First college

Candidate Party Votes % Notes
Gabriel d'Arboussier 817 50.8 Elected
Henri Seignon French Section of the Workers' International 604 37.6
Jean Puytoroc Popular Republican Movement 187 11.6
Invalid/blank votes 376
Total 1,983 100
Registered voters/turnout 2,803 70.7
Source: Sternberger et al.

Second college

Candidate First round Second round Notes
Votes % Votes %
Jean-Hilaire Aubame 912 20.2 987 23.6
Jean-Félix Tchicaya 800 17.8 1,334 31.9 Elected
Emile Issembe 800 17.8 855 20.5
Jacques Opangault 633 14.0 956 22.9
Dabet 588 13.1
Dzonda 209 4.7
François Simon 66 1.3 46 1.1
Louis Bigmann 36 0.8
Four other candidates 466 10.3
Invalid/blank votes 159 138
Total 4,669 100 4,316 100
Registered voters/turnout 5,873 79.5 5,871 73.5
Source: Sternberger et al., French National Assembly


Following the elections, Senegalese MP Lamine Guèye attempted to persuade all the African MPs to form an African Bloc, which would be affiliated with the SFIO. However, the attempt failed, and although Tchicaya did sit with the SFIO, d'Arboussier joined the MUR.[3]


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