1979 Beninese parliamentary election

Elections for the National Revolutionary Assembly were held in Benin on 20 November 1979. At the time, the country was a one-party state under the People's Revolutionary Party of Benin, with voters given the choice of approving the party's list of 336 candidates or not. The list was approved by 98% of voters, with an 81% turnout. Following the election, Mathieu Kérékou was elected President (unopposed) by the Assembly on 6 February 1980.


Not approve21,4381.69
Valid votes1,270,05199.58
Invalid/blank votes5,4100.42
Total votes1,275,461100.00
Registered voters/turnout1,582,91080.58
Source: Nohlen et al.

Assembly members

Rather than geographical constituencies, seats were divided up by professions.

Profession Seats
Civil servants 105
Peasants and craftsmen 84
Party officials 67
Military 33
Workers 33
Representatives of the middle class 8
Clergy 6

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