2011 Beninese presidential election

2011 Beninese presidential election

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Adrien Houngbédji, President of the Beninese National Assembly, March 2019.jpg
Nominee Yayi Boni Adrien Houngbédji
Party Independent PRD
Popular vote 1,579,550 1,059,396
Percentage 53.14% 35.64%

President before election

Yayi Boni

Elected President

Yayi Boni

Presidential elections were held in Benin on 13 March 2011 after being postponed twice from 27 February and 6 March 2011. Incumbent President Yayi Boni ran for re-election against thirteen other candidates, including former National Assembly head and political veteran Adrien Houngbédji and Abdoulaye Bio-Tchané, president of the West African Development Bank. He won 53.18% of the vote, enough to win a second term without a run-off. It is the first time since the restoration of democracy in Benin that a candidate has won the presidency in a single round. A second round run-off would have been held on 27 March 2011 if it had been necessary.


Adrien Houngbédji

Adrien Houngbédji, leader of the Democratic Renewal Party and runner-up to Boni in 2006, pledged to increase employment in the country's agriculture sector by investing 14 billion CFA francs ($28 million) in buying tractors and other heavy equipment for Beninese farmers. He also pledged to create an agricultural bank and lower the national income tax.


Yayi BoniIndependent1,579,55053.14
Adrien HoungbédjiDemocratic Renewal Party1,059,39635.64
Abdoulaye Bio-TchanéIndependent182,4846.14
Salifou IssaUnion for Relief37,2191.25
Christian Enock LagnidéIndependent19,2210.65
François Janvier YahouédéhouPatriotic Revival Party16,5910.56
Jean-Yves SinzoganIndependent13,5610.46
Marie-Elise GbèdoIndependent12,0170.40
Victor Prudent TopanouParty for Republican Union11,5160.39
Késsilé Tchala SaréIndependent9,4690.32
Cyr Kouagou M'poIndependent9,2850.31
Antoine DayoriHope Force8,4260.28
Salomon Joseph Ahissou BiokouIndependent7,8930.27
Joachim DahissihoIndependent5,8170.20
Valid votes2,972,44595.52
Invalid/blank votes139,3884.48
Total votes3,111,833100.00
Registered voters/turnout3,668,55884.82
Source: African Elections Database


A series of protests and rioting hit the nation after growing opposition amid street protests against the results and popular protests eventually persuaded throughout the country. Countrywide opposition protests were held amid shootings and strikes in Cotonou and other cities. 1 was killed in the clashes and protests eventually dwindled.

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