2012 Green Party of England and Wales leadership election

2012 Green Party of England and Wales leadership election
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Turnout25.1% (Decrease0.4%)
  Natalie Bennett-IMG 4141.jpg Peter cranie high.jpg
Candidate Natalie Bennett Peter Cranie
First Pref. 1,300 902
Percentage 42.2% 29.3%
Final Pref. 1,757 1,204
Percentage 59.3% 40.7%

Candidate Romayne Phoenix Pippa Bartolotti
First Pref. 492 389
Percentage 16.0% 12.6%
Final Pref. Eliminated Eliminated
Percentage Eliminated Eliminated

Leader before election

Caroline Lucas

Elected Leader

Natalie Bennett

2012 Green Party of England and Wales deputy leadership election
← 2008 3 September 2012 (2012-09-03) 2014 →
Turnout25.1% (Decrease0.4%)
  Will Duckworth.jpg Richard Mallender.jpg
Candidate Will Duckworth Richard Mallender
Final Pref. 1,329 1,245
Percentage 47.9% 44.9%

Deputy leader before election

Adrian Ramsay

Elected Deputy leader

Will Duckworth

The Green Party of England and Wales leadership election, 2012 took place in August and September 2012. The party has elections every two years for Leader and Deputy Leader roles and this was the third election since the party decided to switch from having principal speakers to having a leader and a deputy leader, or co-leaders. In May 2012, Caroline Lucas announced that she would not seek re-election.[1]

Subsequently, four candidates announced that they would seek to take over from Lucas. These were:

  • Pippa Bartolotti then-leader of Wales Green Party;
  • Natalie Bennett, a former editor of Guardian Weekly;
  • Peter Cranie, a lecturer from Liverpool and European Parliamentary candidate for North-West England in 2009;
  • Romayne Phoenix, a former teacher & Chair of the Coalition of Resistance.

The incumbent Deputy Leader, Adrian Ramsay, who was widely expected to contest the election for Leader of the party announced that he would not stand in that election,[2][3] nor for re-election as Deputy Leader.

Four candidates were successfully nominated for the election for Deputy Leader, these being Caroline Allen, a vet from Islington, London; Will Duckworth, a Dudley local councilor; Richard Mallender, a Nottingham local councilor; and Alexandra Phillips, a Brighton and Hove local Councilor.

All members of the party were sent ballot papers in the post with their copy of the party's magazine, 'Green World' at the beginning of August 2012 and had to be returned before 31 August 2012.

The result was declared at 11 a.m., Monday 3 September 2012. Natalie Bennett was elected Leader. Will Duckworth was elected Deputy Leader.


The results were as follows:

Leadership Result

Green Party of England and Wales Leadership election, 2012[4]
Candidate First Round % Second Round % Final Round %
Green tickY Natalie Bennett 1,300
41.8% 1,487
48.8% 1,757
Peter Cranie 902
29.0% 976
32.0% 1,204
Romayne Phoenix 429
15.8% 585
19.2% Eliminated
Pippa Bartolotti 389
12.5% Eliminated
Re-open Nominations 28
0.9% Eliminated
Turnout 3,111 25.1%
Natalie Bennett elected as Leader

Deputy Leadership Result

Under the election rules operating at the time, the Deputy Leader could not be of the same gender as the Leader. Caroline Allen and Alexandra Phillips were thus eliminated and first preference votes cast for them were redistributed to the highest expressed preference for an eligible candidate.[5] No candidate achieved the necessary quota, but the election rules required that 're-open nominations' not be eliminated, so the candidate with the highest vote was elected.

Green Party of England and Wales
Deputy Leadership election, 2012[6]
Candidate First Round %
Green tickY Will Duckworth 1,300
Richard Mallender 1,245
Re-open Nominations 200
Caroline Allen Eliminated
Alexandra Phillips Eliminated
Turnout 3,127[7] 25.1%
Will Duckworth elected as Deputy Leader


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