2015 Beninese parliamentary election

2015 Beninese parliamentary election
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Party Leader % Seats +/–
FCBEAmana Nassirou Bako Arifari 30.19 33 -10
UN Bruno Amoussou 14.35 13 -17
PRD Adrien Houngbédji 10.57 10
AND Valentin Houdé 7.64 5
RBRP Léhady Soglo 7.09 7
Sun Sacca Lafia 6.66 4 +2
FDU Mathurin Nago 4.00 4
ABT Abdoulaye Bio-Tchané 3.70 2
Scout Edmond Agoua 3.42 2
UB Orou Sé Guéné 2.90 2 0
Résoatao Party Mohamed Atao Hinnouho 2.16 1

Parliamentary elections were held in Benin on 26 April 2015.

Electoral system

The 83 members of the National Assembly are elected in 24 multi-member constituencies, based on the country's departments. Seats are allocated using proportional representation based on the simple quotient, with remaining seats assigned using the largest remainder method.


Observers from the African Union stated that the elections were generally transparent, despite some organisational challenges.


Cowry Forces for an Emerging BeninAmana Alliance889,36230.1933–10
Union Makes the Nation422,71514.3513–17
Democratic Renewal Party311,45310.5710
National Alliance for Development and Democracy225,1457.645
Benin Rebirth PartyPatriotic Revival Party208,9097.097
Sun Alliance196,1196.664+2
United Democratic Forces117,9704.004
Alliance for a Triumphant Benin108,9153.702
Scout Alliance100,7413.422
Union for Benin85,3632.9020
Résoatao Party63,6682.161New
Patriotic Alliance for Awakening and Union44,5011.510New
Union for Democracy and Development33,3771.130New
Union for Democracy and Reform30,3291.030New
Union of Engaged Forces for Development27,4540.930New
New Hope for Benin20,8440.710New
Rally of Republicans19,6660.670New
Movement of Awakening the Conscience of Citizens and the Alternative14,5970.500New
Chameleon Alliance12,8670.440New
Alliance for New Governance12,0870.410New
Registered voters/turnout4,470,591
Source: Constitutional Court of Benin, Visages du Benin


When the National Assembly began meeting for its new term, Adrien Houngbédji was elected as President of the National Assembly on the night of 19–20 May 2015; as the candidate representing the opposition, he received 42 votes, while the candidate representing President Yayi Boni's supporters, Komi Koutché, received 41. Members of the opposition dominated the Bureau of the National Assembly, obtaining six of its seven posts.

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