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2021 Bulgaria bus crash

2021 Bulgaria bus crash
DateNovember 23, 2021
Time02:00 (UTC+2)
LocationNear Bosnek, Bulgaria
Coordinates42°29′27″N 23°07′53″E / 42.49083°N 23.13139°E / 42.49083; 23.13139Coordinates: 42°29′27″N 23°07′53″E / 42.49083°N 23.13139°E / 42.49083; 23.13139
Non-fatal injuries7

On November 23, 2021, 02:00 local time a North Macedonian bus crashed and caught fire in western Bulgaria. The accident happened on Struma Motorway near the village of Bosnek, south-west of Sofia. Forty-six people died during the crash, including twelve children. Seven other passengers survived.

The Dolna Dikanya to Dragichevo section of the Struma Motorway was temporarily closed following the incident.


According to European Commission data, in 2019 Bulgaria had the second highest road fatality rate in the EU. After the accident, the mayor of the nearby town of Pernik told local media outlets that the motorway was in poor condition and accidents were frequent in the area.


A bus carrying Macedonian tourists returning to the capital Skopje from a weekend holiday trip to Istanbul, crashed on a motorway near the Bulgarian village of Bosnek. The vehicle hit a highway barrier either before or after it caught fire. Forty-six people died during the crash, including twelve children. The majority of the other victims were aged between 20 and 30. The Bulgarian Interior Minister Boyko Rashkov stated that the victims' bodies were "completely burned". Seven passengers managed to escape through the windows and were recovered in critical conditions with serious burn wounds. Initial theories around the cause of the incident included driver error or technical malfunction. The majority of the victims were Albanian citizens of North Macedonia.

The bus was registered under the tourist agency "Besa Trans".

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