Acetabular notch

Acetabular notch
Right hip bone. External surface (acetabular notch visible near center, inside blue line).
Latinincisura acetabuli
Anatomical terms of bone

The acetabular notch is a deep[citation needed] notch in the inferior portion of the rim of the acetabulum.: 1354  It is bridged by the transverse acetabular ligament, converting it into a foramen (through which nerves and vessels (including the acetabular notch of obturator artery: 1250 ) pass into the hip joint cavity).: 1368  It is continuous with space of the acetabular fossa. The lunate surface of acetabulum is discontinued opposite the notch.: 1368 

The ligament of the head of the femur attaches at the margins of the notch.[citation needed] The anterior margin of the acetabular notch presents a posterior obturator tubercle onto which the obturator membrane attaches.: 1354 

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