African Beach Games

African Beach Games
First event2019 in Sal, Cape Verde
Occur everyfour years
Last event2023 in Hammamet, Tunisia
PurposeBeach sports event for nations on the African continent

The African Beach Games is a continental multi-sport event held among athletes from the Africa. The Games are organised under the governance of the Association of National Olympic Committees of Africa (ANOCA). The Games were announced by the ANOCA President, Lassana Palenfo, in May 2015.

All of the competing nations are for the African continent.


The first Games were held on the island of Sal, Cape Verde in June 2019. In October 2021, Baseball5 was added as a full medal sport for the 2023 edition.


Host cities of the African Beach Games
Edition Year Host city Host nation Start date End date Nations Sports Events Top nation
I 2019 Sal  Cape Verde 14 June 23 June 45 11 28  Morocco (MAR)
II 2023 Hammamet  Tunisia 23 June 30 June 45 12 29  Algeria (ALG)
III 2027  Equatorial Guinea Futur event

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