A screenshot displaying an early web crawler search engine
A screenshot displaying an early web crawler search engine
Initial release1994; 25 years ago (1994)
Operating systemMicrosoft Windows[1]
Available inEnglish
Typeweb browser

AirMosaic was an early commercial web browser based on the NCSA Mosaic browser.[2]

The browser won Datamation's Best Product of the Year award for 1994.[3]

The AirMosaic browser was available as part of several packages: the AIR Series,[citation needed] Internet in a Box[2][4] and Mosaic In A Box,[citation needed] and separately.[4] AirMosaic for Windows could also be downloaded as a demo, and then purchased over the Internet as a separate product.[3][5]


Although Mosaic required the user to install Win32s, AirMosaic offered the same feature set as Mosaic as well as several new ones like a configuration menu for not editing an INI file.[4]

Other features included:


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