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Anglo-Afghan Treaty of 1919

Anglo-Afghan Treaty of 1919
TypeBilateral Treaty
Signed8 August 1919 (1919-08-08)
LocationRawalpindi, British India

The Anglo-Afghan Treaty of 1919 was a treaty which brought the Third Anglo-Afghan War to an end. It was signed on 8 August 1919 in Rawalpindi by the United Kingdom and the Emirate of Afghanistan. Britain recognised Afghanistan's independence (as per Article 5 of the treaty), agreed that British India would not extend past the Khyber Pass and stopped British subsidies to Afghanistan. Afghanistan also accepted all previously agreed border arrangements with British India as per Article 5 of the Anglo-Afghan treaty of 1919. Thus, Afghanistan as an independent country agreed to recognise the Durand Line as international border between the two countries.

Afghanistan in 1919

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  1. ^ Now Rawalpindi, Pakistan
  2. ^ Also known as the Treaty of Rawalpindi

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