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Annette Mbaye d'Erneville

Annette Mbaye d’Erneville (born 23 June 1926) is a Senegalese writer.[1] She is the mother of filmmaker Ousmane William Mbaye, and was the subject of his 2008 documentary film, Mère-Bi.[1]


Born in 1926 in Sokone, Senegal,[1] and educated locally, she began her working life as a teacher. In 1947 she went to France to study journalism, and since 1963 was active in Radio Senegal, rising to become Director of Programmes. She has also been a journalist specializing in women's issues and in 1963 launched Awa magazine, the first francophone publication for African women.[2] She specialises in writing children's literature and poetry and is associated with the Musée de la Femme Henriette-Bathily in Gorée.


  • 1965: Poèmes africains
  • 1966: Kaddu (réédition des poèmes)
  • 1976: Chansons pour Laïty
  • 1983: Le Noël du vieux chasseur
  • 1983: La Bague de cuivre et d'argent (prix Jeune Afrique in 1961)
  • 2003: Motte de terre et motte de beurre
  • 2003: Picc l'Oiseau et Lëpp-Lëpp le papillon


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  • Annette Mbaye d'Erneville (Sénégal), Audrey, future princesse d'Erneville.


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