Arto Halonen

Arto Halonen (2010)

Arto Halonen (born 11 January 1964, Joensuu) is a documentary filmmaker from Finland. He was also teacher of cinematography in Joensuu between 1986-1989.

In 2008 China did not give visa to Arto Halonen to participate 2008 Summer Olympics. Halonen was official guest selected by the Finnish Olympic Committee. China gave no explanation. Halonen made in 1998 document of Tibet Karmapa.[1][2]

Shadow of the Holy Book; Finnish: Pyhän kirjan varjo is document of Turkmenistan, Ruhnama and business of companies in Turkmenistan, having large gas and oil resources, e.g. Bouygues and Siemens.[3]



  • Karmapa (1998)
  • The Stars Caravan (2000)
  • The Tank Man (2004)
  • Conquistadors of Cuba (2005)
  • Pavlov's Dogs (2006)
  • Shadow of the Holy Book (2007)
  • The Magnetic Man (2009)
  • Princess (2010)
  • When Heroes Lie (2012)
  • A Patriotic Man (2013)


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