Augmented World Expo

Augmented World Expo is the biggest conference and expo for people involved in Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Wearable Technology.[1] It is organized by a non-profit organization named AugmentedReality.Org, with the mission of "Advancing Augmented Reality to Advance Humanity".[2] They produce the events in USA, Europe and Asia, counting with the participation of numerous technology companies, such as Google or Intel and several relevant speakers in the field.[3]


USA Events

  • AWE 2019 - Santa Clara, California, 10th anniversary
  • AWE 2018 - Santa Clara, California, USA
  • AWE 2017 - Santa Clara, California, USA
  • AWE 2016
  • AWE 2015
  • AWE 2014
  • AWE 2013

EU Events

  • AWE EU 2018 - Munich, Germany
  • AWE EU 2017 - Munich, Germany
  • AWE EU 2016

Israel Events

  • AWE Israel 2018 - Tel Aviv, Israel

Asia Events

  • AWE Asia 2016


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