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The Australian Dance Council, known as Ausdance, is a national dance advocacy organisation in Australia.

Ausdance represents the Australian dance profession. Ausdance is a network of organisations including Ausdance National, Ausdance ACT, Ausdance Qld, Ausdance SA and Ausdance WA.[1]

Ausdance's mission is to educate and support the dance community within local, national and international communities. Ausdance:

  • provides leadership in dance education, advocacy, policy development and debate.
  • provides a voice for dance development in Australia.
  • innovation, creativity and diversity in dance.
  • encourages access to and understanding of dance in communities throughout Australia.
  • assists in identifying and promoting all dance traditions that exist in Australia, in recognition of their cultural importance.
  • fosters international links with dance and dance-related organisations.

Ausdance National works to:

  • Communicate the contribution dance makes to the lives of all Australians.
  • Support sustainable careers through industry partnerships and skills development programs.
  • Share best practice standards for safe dance, teaching methodology and business practice.
  • Foster international networks that provide career opportunities for Australian dance artists.
  • Encourage discussion about the value and purpose of dance by publishing writing, research and good news.

The Ausdance network produces the annual Australian Dance Award] and the Australian Youth Dance Festival.

Ausdance National provides services, forums, publications and opportunities including:

  • The National Dance Forum
  • Safe Dance research and info sheets for Safe Dance practice, dance teaching methodology and business practice.
  • Australian guidelines for teaching dance
  • Ausdance Peggy van Praagh Choreographic Fellowship
  • Keith Bain Choreographic Travel Fellowship
  • World Dance Alliance–Asia Pacific networking and academic publishing
  • Dance insurance

Ausdance National is a member of the National Advocates for Arts Education (NAAE).

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