Australian Computers in Education Conference

Trade show at ACEC 2008

This National Conference is the biennial conference of the Australian Council for Computers in Education (ACCE). The conference brings together educators from across Australia and around the world who are interested in the use of information and communication technologies to support and enhance teaching and learning in school classrooms,[1] as opposed to a focus on its use in higher education, or school administration.

Affiliate member organisations of ACCE take turns to host the national conference, in place of their own state conference. The affiliates are:

  • TASITE - Tasmanian society for IT in Education
  • DLTV - ICT in Education Victoria
  • ICTENSW - ICT in Education New South Wales
  • QSITE - Queensland Society for IT in Education
  • ITEANT - IT Educators Association of the Northern Territory
  • EdTEchSA - South Australia
  • ECAWA - Educational Computing Association of Western Australia


The first conference (labelled as ACEC) took place in Melbourne in 1983. Since that time it has continued to provide teachers around the country a forum to exchange information on classroom activity, make connections with each other, and learn from experts in the field.[2] The conference proceedings provide an insight into the nature of educational computing practice since the early 1980s and the papers are widely cited in the research field literature.[3]

In 2008 the conference was held in Canberra and the then Education Minister Julia Gillard delivered the opening Keynote Address, highlighting the importance of digital technologies in her education reform agenda.[4]

Conference locations

  • 2016: Brisbane, theme: IF
  • 2014: Adelaide, theme: Now ITs Personal. Venue: Adelaide Convention Centre
  • 2012: Perth, theme: ITs Time. Venue: Wesley College, South Perth.
  • 2010: Melbourne, theme: Digital Diversity. Venue: Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre
  • 2008: Canberra, theme: "ACT on IcT" Venue: National Convention Centre
  • 2006: Cairns, theme: IT's up here for Thinking. Venue: Cairns Convention Centre
  • 2004: Adelaide
  • 2002: Sandy Bay, Tasmania, theme: "Linking Learners"
  • 2000: Melbourne, theme: Learning Technologies, Teaching and the Future of Schools. Venue: Carlton Crest Hotel. Website: conference website
  • 1998: Adelaide
  • 1996: Canberra
  • 1995: Perth, theme: Learning without limits.

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