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Parliamentary elections were held in Benin on 30 March 2003.[1] The result was a victory for the parties of the pro-government Presidential Movement supporting President Mathieu Kérékou, which won 52 of the 83 seats.


Alliance Party Votes % Seats
Presidential Movement Union for Future Benin 1,049,407 55.8 31
African Movement for Development and Progress 9
Key Force 5
MDCPSCPP Alliance 2
Impulse to Progres and Democracy 2
Alliance of Progress Forces 1
Movement for Development and Solidarity 1
Rally for Democracy and Progress 1
Opposition Benin Rebirth Party 807,923 43.0 15
Democratic Renewal Party 11
Star Alliance 3
New Alliance 2
Other parties 21,449 1.2 0
Total 1,878,779 100 83
Source: Adam Carr, African Elections Database


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