2007 Beninese parliamentary election (Redirected from Beninese parliamentary election, 2007)

Parliamentary elections were held in Benin on 31 March 2007, having been delayed from an earlier date of 25 March due to organisational difficulties. Twenty-six political parties and 2,158 candidates contested the elections for the 83 seats in the National Assembly; there were 24 constituencies and 17,487 polling stations.

The elections saw the Cowry Forces for an Emerging Benin emerge as the largest party, winning 35 of the 83 seats. Turnout was estimated at 58.69%. The new National Assembly was sworn in on 23 April.


Cowry Forces for an Emerging Benin35New
Alliance for a Democratic Dynamic20–4
Democratic Renewal Party10–1
Key Force4–1
Union for Relief3New
National Union for Democracy and Progress2New
Hope Force2New
Coalition for an Emerging Benin2New
Alliance for Revival2New
Alliance of the Forces of Progress10
Party for Democracy and Social Progress1New
Restore the Hope1New
Registered voters/turnout58.69
Source: IPU

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