Beninese passport

Beninese passport
BENIN biometric passport.png
Beninese biometric passport front cover
Issued by Benin
EligibilityBeninese citizenship
Expiration6 years

The Beninese passport is issued to citizens of the Benin for international travel.

Physical appearance

The regular biometric Beninese passport is a travel document issued to people of Beninese nationality. The document contains thirty-two pages and complies with international security standards. The cover of the passport is a dark green (olive) colour. In the lower central part is the national coat of arms. At the bottom is the inscription "Passport" (fr. Passeport). Above the coat of arms is 'Republic of Benin' (fr. Republique du Benin). The validity period of an ordinary biometric passport is six years.


The data page/information page is printed in French and English.

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