Betsy Obaseki Women Football Tournament

Betsy Obaseki Women Football Tournament
Current championsBayelsa Queens
Most championshipsBayelsa Queens (first title)

Betsy Obaseki Women Football Tournament (often stylized as BOWFT or shortened Betsy Obaseki Cup) is an annual pre-season tournament for professional and grassroot women's football teams in Nigeria. The tournament was initiated by first lady of Edo State, Betsy Obaseki as a way of promoting women football in the state as well as inviting competition for state-owned, Edo Queens. It is supported by Nigeria Women Football League, as well as federal government of Nigeria. The first, second, third and fourth placed teams gets ₦5 million, ₦3 million, ₦2 million and ₦1 million respectively.

Past winners

Year Winner Runner up Third place
2021 Bayelsa Queens Rivers Angels Edo Queens

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