Boolarong Press

Boolarong Press
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Parent companyWatson Ferguson & Company
FounderLes Padman
Country of originAustralia
Headquarters locationSalisbury, Brisbane
DistributionAustralia, New Zealand, E-book
Key peopleDan Kelly
Publication typesBooks, E-book
Nonfiction topicsHistory of Australia, Non-fiction
Fiction genresChildren's literature, Historical fiction, Australiana, Australian Outback
No. of employees10 (shared with Watson Ferguson & Company)

Boolarong Press is a Queensland book publishing company established in 1978 by Les Padman. The business was purchased in 1995 by Watson Ferguson & Company. Boolarong has published Queensland's historical literary works and aims to promote and publish local authors.[1]

With a focus on historic literature and Australian themed children's books, Boolarong Press has published titles including Tom Hurstbourne or A Squatter's Life, the first book to be written, published and printed in Queensland. Originally written in 1865, Tom Hurstbourne was not published until 2010 after the original hand written manuscript was re-discovered by the great-great-grandson of the author.[2]

The top-selling book published by Boolarong Press is Noel Whittaker's Making Money Made Simple which sold over 325,000 copies.[3]

Successful children's stories published by Boolarong Press include the Outback Series by Norah Kersh; a series of educational books based around everyday experiences of children growing up in the outback, and the Cassowary series by Pam Galeano which details in fine art the lives of some of Queensland's most endangered species.

Books published in 2013 are:

Century of Silent Service by Graham Seal edited by Lloyd Blake

In 2011, Boolarong Press launched the quarterly history magazine History Queensland, intended to create an ongoing forum for the continued research and discussion of Australian history.

In 2007, the company purchased an innovative publishing software package which reduces composition time by eliminating manual page layout.[4]

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