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Brilliant Live Adventures

Brilliant Live Adventures is the name of a series of six live concert albums performed by David Bowie during the 1990s, primarily during the time he was supporting his albums 1. Outside (1995), Earthling (1997) and Hours (1999). These albums either represent entire concerts, or live releases which encompass multiple shows. As of February 2021, five of the six albums have been announced.

Initial announcement

In October 2020, a series of six live concert albums was announced by label Parlophone.[1] These six albums would be released individually, but collectively formed a series called Brilliant Live Adventures. "Brilliant Adventure" is the name of a song Bowie wrote and included on his album Hours (1999).[2] The first three albums were released at the end of 2020, with the remaining albums due to arrive in 2021.[3] Empty boxes, designed to contain either all six CDs or all six vinyl albums, were sold separately.[4] All six albums were described as "limited one run only pressings" and would be available on CD and vinyl, and would be made available online via music streaming services as well.[4]

First album: Ouvrez le Chien (Live Dallas 95)

Bowie in 1995

At the time of the initial announcement, only the first album, Ouvrez le Chien, was announced in any detail. Subsequent albums, venues, names and track listings were announced separately.[3] Ouvrez le Chien had been made available via streaming services earlier in July of that year.[3] The CD and vinyl versions of the album were released on 30 October 2020.[5] The show is a complete concert recorded in mid-1995 during Bowie's Outside Tour.[3] "Ouvrez le Chien" is a partial lyric from Bowie's 1970 song "All the Madmen", which he repeated in his 1993 song "The Buddha of Suburbia", and during the tour, a sign with this lyric hung above the stage.[6]

Second album: No Trendy Réchauffé (Live Birmingham 95)

The second live album in the series, No Trendy Réchauffé, was announced on 9 November 2020 and was released on 20 November 2020.[7] The album represents a complete show recorded in December 1995.[1] "No Trendy Réchauffé" is a partial lyric from Bowie's 1995 song "Strangers When We Meet", which appears on this album.

Third album:

Bowie performing during his 1997 Earthling Tour

The third album is a re-release of Bowie's 1999 album Announced on 11 December 2020, it was released on 15 January 2021.[8] This album had been made available over streaming services on 15 May 2020, and this announcement marked the first time fans could buy a physical copy of the album, as previously it was only given to BowieNet subscribers in 1999.[9] The album contains songs recorded during Bowie's 1997 Earthling Tour at a variety of venues.[8]

Fourth album: Look at the Moon! (Live Phoenix Festival 97)

Announced on 29 January 2021, Look at the Moon! is a recording of Bowie's performance at the 1997 Phoenix Festival. It was released on 12 February 2021.[10] The concert was one from Bowie's Earthling Tour, in support of his Earthling album, but includes older tracks as well as the first official release of Gail Ann Dorsey's live cover of Laurie Anderson’s song "O Superman" (1981).[11]

Fifth album: Something in the Air (Live Paris 99)

The release of Something in the Air was announced on 24 February 2021 with an availability date of 12 March.[12] The concert had been released on streaming services in 2020, but this release marked the first time the concert could be purchased on CD or vinyl. The concert, part of Bowie's short Hours Tour, was recorded in late 1999 in at the Elysée Montmartre in Paris.[13]


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