Bumpe Chiefdom

The Bumpe Chiefdom is a Chiefdom of Sierra Leone located in Moyamba District, Southern Province, Sierra Leone. It is centred on Rotifunk.[1] The chiefdom comprises 208 villages.[2]

Bumpe chiefs

  • 1820–1832 Thomas Stephen Caulker, also known as Bar Tham
  • 1832–1842 Charles Caulker
  • 1842–1857 James Canreba Caulker
  • 1857–1864 Thomas Augustus Caulker (Tham Bum)
  • 1864–1888 Richard Canreba Caulker (exiled to Gambia)
  • 1888–1895 Vacant
  • 1895–1898 Richard Canreba Caulker (2nd time), deposed
  • 1899–1902 James Canreba Caulker
  • 1902–1907 John Canreba Caulker
  • 1907–1921 Thomas Canreba Caulker
  • 1921–1954 Albert Gbosowah Caulker
  • 1954–1983 William I. Caulker
  • 1984–present Charles B. Caulker


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