Center for Information, Technology, and Development
HeadquartersKano (city)
Prof. Amina Kaidal
Executive Director
Engineer Yunusa Ya'u
  • Prof. Amina Kaidal
  • Yunusa Ya'u
  • Ahmad A. Yakasai
  • Dr. (Mrs) Sadiya A. Mohammed
  • Engr. Nmezi
  • Engr. Kamaluddeen Umar
  • Isyaku Garba
Formerly called
Computer Literacy Project

The Center for Information, Technology, and Development (CITAD) is a Nigeria non-governmental  organisation that was established to promote democracy and active citizenship through information and communication technology in addendum with civic empowerment programs. It has its headquarter in Kano and branches in Abuja, Jama'are, Itas, Dutse (Jigawa State), Azare, Gombe and Yobe States.


CITAD came into existence in 1997 as a Computer Literacy Project. In 2000, the capacity was increased and it currently covers 12 different units which are: are;

  1. Digital Creativity and Innovation for Young Women (DICI-YOW)
  2. Gender Violence and Human Rights
  3. Governance and elections
  4. Capacity Building
  5. Digital Inclusion
  6. ICTs in Education
  7. aHub
  8. ICTs in Peace Building
  9. JOPIS: Job Placement Information Services Job Placement Information Services (JOPIS)
  10. Youth Entrepreneurship
  11. Research and Knowledge Production (dialogues, series,)
  12. Accountability and Anti-corruption


The governing board consists of the chairman, the executive directors, the treasurer and four members.

The Chairman

The Chairman is Prof. Amina Kaidal from the University of Maiduguri.

Executive director

The executive director of the organisation is Engineer Yunusa Ya'u.


The treasurer for the organisation is Ahmad A. Yakasai


The vision of the organisation is to build a knowledge based democratic and self reliant society.


CITAD's mission is to build citizens for a just and knowledge-based society that is hanged on sustainable and balanced development using Information Communication Technology, Capacity Development Programmes, Advocacy, Research and Partnership.

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