CITA International School

CITA International School
Port Harcourt Campus
Port Harcourt, Rivers State, 500102
Etche Campus
Umuchoko, Chokota
Etche, Rivers State, 512101
Coordinates4°50′22.65″N 7°2′10.68″E / 4.8396250°N 7.0363000°E / 4.8396250; 7.0363000Coordinates: 4°50′22.65″N 7°2′10.68″E / 4.8396250°N 7.0363000°E / 4.8396250; 7.0363000
MottoBuilding on a Sure Foundation
Religious affiliation(s)Christian
EstablishedNur/Primary: 1981
Secondary: 2001
GenderBoys and girls
Age6 months to 16

CITA International School, also known simply as CITA, is a private, Christian school in Rivers State, Nigeria. CITA offers nursery, primary and secondary school education to children ages 6 months through to 16 years. The school was founded on 15 May 1981. It initially functioned as a nursery and primary school until 2001, when the high school section was established.[1]

Currently, the nursery and primary school is sited on a well planned government residential area of Rumuogba in Port Harcourt,[2] while the secondary school is at Rumuochokota in Etche local government area.[3]


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