Cabinet of Benin

The Cabinet of Benin is appointed by the President of the Republic and is subject to the opinion of the Bureau of the National Assembly.

Current formation

The current government of Benin, in place since May 25, 2021, is made up of 24 ministers:

  1. Minister of State in charge of Planning and Development: Abdoulaye Bio Tchané
  2. Minister of Justice and Legislation: Sévérin Quenum
  3. Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation: Aurélien Agbénonci
  4. Minister of Economy and Finance: Romuald Wadagni
  5. Minister of the Interior and Public Security: Sacca Lafia
  6. Minister of the Living Environment and Sustainable Development: José Didier Tonato
  7. Minister of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries: Gaston Dossouhoui
  8. Minister of Decentralization and Local Governance: Alassane Seidou
  9. Minister of Labour and Public Service: Adidjatou Mathys
  10. Minister of Social Affairs and Micro-Finance: Véronique Tognifodé Mewanou
  11. Minister of Health: Benjamin Hounkpatin
  12. Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research: Éléonore Yayi Ladekan
  13. Minister of Secondary, Technical and Vocational Education: Mahougnon Kakpo
  14. Minister of Nursery and Primary Education: Karimou Salimane
  15. Minister of Tourism, Culture and the Arts: Babalola Jean-Michel Hervé Abimbola
  16. Minister of Digital and Digitization: Aurélie Adam Soule
  17. Minister of Infrastructure and Transport: Hervé Yves Hehomey
  18. Minister of Industry and Trade: Shadiya Alimatou Assouman
  19. Minister of Energy: Dona Jean-Claude Houssou
  20. Minister of Water and Mines: Samou Seïdou Adambi
  21. Minister of Small and Medium Enterprises and Employment Promotion: Modeste Kerekou
  22. Minister of Sports: Oswald Homeky
  23. Minister of Communication and Post: Alain Sourou Orounla
  24. Minister of National Defence: Fortunet Alain Nouatin

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