Carl-Henrik Heldin

Carl-Henrik Heldin (born 9 August 1952) is first and foremost Chairman of the Board for the Nobel foundation, this Swedish scientist is a molecular biologist and medical researcher. He has been director of the Uppsala branch of Ludwig Cancer Research since 1986 and professor in molecular cell biology at the medical faculty of Uppsala University since 1992. He is vice-president of the European Research Council since 2011 and was appointed chairman of the Nobel Foundation in 2013.

His research has focused on the mechanisms of signal transduction by growth regulatory factors like platelet-derived growth factor (PDGF) and transforming growth factor (TGF).

He was senior editor of Cancer Research from 2003 to 2009.

Membership in Learned societies and Doctor honoris causa

He is a member of the following learned societies

He is honorary doctor of University of Patras, University of Helsinki, University of Turku and University of Heidelberg.


Heldin has been awarded several prizes, including

  • 1989 Prix Antoine Lacassagne, French National Organization against Cancer (shared with D. Gospodarowicz).
  • 1992 EMBO Medal
  • 1993 K. Fernström Large Medical Prize for Nordic Scientists (with B. Westermark).
  • 1994 Pezcoller-AACR Award Pezcoller Foundation and American Ass. for Cancer Research.
  • 2002 Meyenburg Prize German Cancer Center, Heidelberg.
  • 2011 Berzelius Medal. Swedish Medical Society
  • 2011 Rudbeck Medal. Uppsala University
  • 2016 H. M. The King's Medal, 12th size gold medal on Seraphim Order ribbon

Personal life

Heldin is married and has two children born in 1982 and 1988.

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