Cathedral Arcade

View of Cathedral Arcade looking west from Swanston Street.

Cathedral Arcade is a heritage shopping arcade in Melbourne, Victoria.

It forms a short, narrow laneway, connecting Swanston Street to Flinders Lane in the central business district of Melbourne. It is a T-shaped arcade, however one of the laneways terminates inside the building.

The arcade is notable as it retains all of its original features. The arcade is fully covered by stained glass and leadlights, which forms a highly detailed arch leading to a central dome. The floors are decorated with ceramic tiles, and the shopfronts feature richly detailed wood panels.

The art deco arcade, which dates back to 1925, is part of the Nicholas Building, an early interwar palazzo skyscraper designed by Harry Norris. The building itself, including the arcade is listed on the Victorian Heritage Register.[1]


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