Chamber of Deputies of Paraguay

Chamber of Deputies

Cámara de Diputados
Raúl Luís Latorre, ANR
since 1 July 2023
Political groups

Opposition (32)

Proportional representation
Last election
30 April 2023
Meeting place
Legislative Palace, Asunción
Chamber of Deputies

The Chamber of Deputies (Cámara de Diputados) is the lower house of Paraguay's bicameral legislature, the National Congress. It is made up of 80 members, elected for a five-year term by proportional representation. The other chamber of the National Congress (Congreso Nacional) is the Chamber of Senators (Cámara de Senadores).

Unicameral congress was established in 1813, and replaced with bicameral congress including Chamber of Deputies and the Senate in 1870. In 1940, unicameral Chamber of Representatives was formed, and since 1967 there has been a bicameral legislature.

Latest election

Chamber of Deputies

National Republican Association-Colorado Party1,345,73047.4348+6
National Crusade Party233,8128.244+3
Alliance for Fatherland221,3837.806New
Beloved Fatherland Party92,8743.271–2
National Encounter Alliance81,8432.8820
National Coalition for a New Paraguay Caaguazú70,8772.502New
I Believe66,1262.332New
Itapúa Departmental Coalition 202360,2732.122New
National Coalition for a New Paraguay Cordillera59,7522.112New
National Coalition for a New Paraguay Alto Paraná51,0021.801New
Departmental Coalition for a New San Pedro47,2651.672New
Alliance for Asunción Deputies46,3821.631New
Alliance for a New Paraguarí36,6671.291New
National Coalition for a New Paraguay Concepción36,2471.281New
Guasu Ñemongeta Front33,2541.1700
National Union of Ethical Citizens31,9691.1300
Alliance for a New Guairá29,5111.041New
Authentic Radical Liberal Party28,1620.991
New Republic Movement27,4960.970New
Misiones Departmental Coalition 202324,6880.871New
Party of the Youth22,7470.800New
Canindeyú Alliance22,0810.781New
Alliance for a New Caazapá16,8810.590New
All Together Alliance for Ñeembucú16,7880.591New
Alliance for a New Itapúa15,2400.540New
Unámonos National Party15,0290.530New
National Party of the People 30A14,1880.500New
Citizen Patriotic Coordinator Movement12,3700.440New
Liberty and Republic Party10,2000.360New
Boquerón Alliance Unites Us8,0480.280New
Alliance for a New President Hayes7,9060.280New
Dreamt Fatherland Party7,2060.250New
Let's go to Boquerón6,9740.250New
Herederos Democratic Socialist Party6,2890.220New
Humanist and Solidarity Movement4,5080.160New
President Hayes Alliance for the Fatherland4,1740.150New
National Coalition for a New Paraguay Alto Paraguay3,3170.120New
Únete Paraguay2,8350.100New
Capital Patriotic Union Alliance2,7320.100New
Northern Popular Unity2,5710.090New
Alliance Patriotic Union of San Pedro2,0660.070New
New Air Political Movement for Alto Paraná1,4070.050New
National Encounter Party1,3910.0500
Cordillera Patriotic Union Alliance1,3880.050New
Caazapá Patriotic Union Alliance9130.030New
Tekojoja People's Party8500.0300
Alliance Patriotic Union of Paraguarí8410.030New
Green Party Paraguay6840.020New
Alliance Patriotic Union of Concepción6130.020New
Valid votes2,837,55094.22
Invalid votes13,6500.45
Blank votes160,5515.33
Total votes3,011,751100.00
Registered voters/turnout4,730,69463.66
Source: TSJE

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