Charlie Kimber

Socialist Workers Party stall, London 2011.

Charles (Charlie) Nicholas Kimber (born July 1957)[1] is the National Secretary of the Socialist Workers Party of the United Kingdom from January 2011.[2]

Kimber has been politically active since the 1970s and went on his first protest march in 1975.[3] He is the editor of Socialist Worker newspaper and has also written for International Socialism, the SWP's journal of socialist theory.[4] He is a director of Sherborne Publications Limited,[1] the company that publishes the Socialist Worker, having taken that position following the resignation of Martin Smith as a director on 24 May 2013.[citation needed]

Selected publications

  • The struggle for workers power. Socialist Workers Party, 1998. OCLC 31481889
  • Arbeidersmacht en socialisme. Amsterdam: Internationale Socialisten, 1998. OCLC 84837649
  • Wales, class struggle and socialism. London: Bookmarks Publications, 1999. ISBN 9781898877196
  • Pensions, profits and resistance. Socialist Workers Party, 2005. ISBN 9781898877424
  • Immigration: the myths spread to divide us. Socialist Workers Party, 2010. ISBN 9781909026360
  • Pay cuts, recession and resistance. Socialist Workers Party. ISBN 9781905192397
  • Arguments for revolution: The case for the Socialist Workers Party. Socialist Workers Party, 2011. (With Joseph Choonara) ISBN 9781905192762
  • Jeremy Corbyn Labour and the fight for socialism. Socialist Workers Party, 2015.


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