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Chinese Bridge (Chinese: 汉语桥) is a contest for foreign college students on their mastery of the Chinese language, promoted by the Chinese National Hanban and established as a plan to introduce Chinese to the world. Since it began in 2002, more than 600 contestants from over 50 countries throughout the world have participated in the annually-held Chinese language competitions.


Chinese Bridge Starting Time Address Topics 1st Place Winner
The First Contest August 10, 2002-August 18, 2002 Shandong Province The Premiere
The Second Contest December 10, 2003-December 22, 2003 Beijing China in the 21st Century
The Third Contest August 7, 2004-August 11, 2004 Beijing China, a Country with a Splendid Culture
The Fourth Contest July 13, 2005-July 15, 2005 Beijing Experiencing the Beautiful China
The Fifth Contest July 18, 2006-July 22, 2006 Beijing An Ethnically Diverse China
The Sixth Contest August 3, 2007-August 06, 2007 Jilin Province China Welcomes the Olympics
The Seventh Contest July 8, 2008-August 1, 2008 Hunan Province Fervor with the Olympics, Fun with Chinese Lillian Okoye
The Eighth Contest July 16, 2009-August 6, 2009 Hunan Province Fun with Chinese, Hope of Success
The Ninth Contest July 15, 2010-August 8,2010 Hunan Province Charming Chinese, Splendid EXPO Stewart Johnson
The Tenth Contest July 16, 2011-August 8,2011 Hunan Province Bridge of Friendship, Resonance of Passion
The Eleventh Contest July 6, 2012-July 26,2012 Hunan Province My Chinese Dream Isaia Ratsizakaina
The Thirteenth Contest July 6, 2014-August 3, 2014 Hunan Province My Chinese Dream
The Fourteenth Contest July 6, 2015-August 6, 2015 Hunan Province Varied Bradley Meredith
The Fifteenth Contest July 6, 2016-August 8, 2016 Hunan Province Varied
The Sixteenth Contest July 6, 2017-August 3, 2017 Hunan Province Varied Mohamed Elmoiz Mohamed


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