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Coordinates27°32′00″S 153°06′42″E / 27.53333°S 153.11167°E / -27.53333; 153.11167Coordinates: 27°32′00″S 153°06′42″E / 27.53333°S 153.11167°E / -27.53333; 153.11167
MottoI Press Towards The Goal[5]
PrincipalPastor Brian Mulheran
Years offeredP-12
Colour(s)Navy, yellow & white             [4]

Citipointe Christian College, previously known as Christian Outreach College Brisbane (COCB), is a K-12 Christian independent day school located in Carindale, Queensland.[3] The school has a population of around 1700 students from preparatory to Year 12, including students in the International College.[3] There are over 170 staff members employed by the school.[2]

Christian Heritage College is a related tertiary education provider located on the same site.


  • 16 June 1974: The day Christian Outreach College Brisbane was officially founded.[6]
  • 16 May 1978: The day Christian Outreach College (West End) was officially founded and Pastor Ian Feeney was appointed headmaster.[6] This date is also considered to be the day the college was established.[1]
  • 1982: During this year, the college was relocated from Kurilpa Street (West End) to its new and current location: Wecker Road, Mansfield.[6]
  • 1982: During this year, the college showed noticeable growth when a building was opened and named, A Block.[6] In addition, the college went on to begin the construction of another new building called, B Block.[6]
  • 1985: This year marked the appointment of the fourth headmaster of the college, Pastor Ron Woolley.[6][7]
  • 1987-1988: B Block was expanded to cope with college growth.[6]
  • 1990: Another new building was opened and named, Kurilpa.[6]
  • 1991: In memory of Ian Feeney, a building was opened and named in his honour.[6] The building was called, The Ian Feeney Building.[6]
  • 1993: The college opened its first arts building named, The Reformation Building (also abbreviated as R Block).[6]
  • 1996: The first library at the college was opened in the secondary school and was called, The Ted & Margaret Linke Building.[6]
  • 1998: The secondary school built a locker room to help support students currently attending.[6]
  • 1999: The college began to focus more on the development of the primary area and opened a Year 1 centre called, The John & Kay Gagliardi Building.[6]
    • The college constructed its first oval after acquiring an adjoining property used for Tennis.[6]
  • 2000: The college opened an administration building to be used for staff and the headmaster, which was named, Grace House.[6]
  • 2002: An Integrated Technology Centre (also abbreviated as ITC) was completed to be used to help facilitate the increasing growth in the secondary school.[6]
  • 2003: The first primary Art Centre was opened.[6]
  • 2006: On 16 May, the secondary school opened its first Science Centre in conjunction with the college's Foundation Day 2006.[6][8] It was designed by a team of architects, led by Greg Kearney, who had the goal of ensuring that the building helped facilitate students actively involved in science education.[8] It was then built by a group led by John Maguire.[8] Finally, the Science Centre was declared open by Len Morris and his wife.[8] Len Morris is a long-standing member of Citipointe Church Brisbane and a former science academic at The University of Queensland.[8]
    • A primary Quad Shade Structure was constructed to help primary students stay sun safe.[6]
    • In accordance with the Governments Prep education requirements, a building was constructed and called PrepWorld.[6]
    • A multipurpose undercover area was constructed over the existing basketball court and swimming pool to provide students with greater sun protection because adequate sun protection did not already exist.[6]
  • 2007: An extension was made to the primary's ESL Building, currently located beside the primary Art Centre.[6]
  • 2008: The International College was fully constructed.[6]
  • 2011: The New College Hall was fully constructed.
  • 2017: New alfresco café began construction.[9]
  • 2018: This year marked the appointment of the current principal of the college, Pastor Brian Mulheran.

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Citipointe Christian College stands on a 100-acre (0.40 km2) campus that is shared with Citipointe Church Brisbane, Citipointe ChildCare, and Christian Heritage College (a private tertiary).[10][11] It is situated in the south-eastern suburbs of Brisbane and is located between the suburbs of Carindale and Mansfield at the address: 322 Wecker Road, Carindale 4152.[10][11]


  • Pastor Ian Feeney (1978–1980), first principal.[6]
  • Pastor Lloyd Eastgate (1980–1982), second principal.[6]
  • Pastor Brian Millis (1982–1985), third principal.[6]
  • Pastor Ron Woolley (1985 – 2017), longest serving principal.[6][7]
  • Pastor Brian Mulheran (2018 - present) fifth principal.[12]


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