Cloyne Cathedral

St. Colman's Cathedral, Cloyne
51°51′42.188″N 8°7′9.703″W / 51.86171889°N 8.11936194°W / 51.86171889; -8.11936194Coordinates: 51°51′42.188″N 8°7′9.703″W / 51.86171889°N 8.11936194°W / 51.86171889; -8.11936194
DenominationChurch of Ireland
DioceseDiocese of Cork, Cloyne and Ross
ProvinceProvince of Dublin
DeanThe Very Revd Susan Green
Organist(s)Ian Sexton

St. Colman's Cathedral, Cloyne is a cathedral of the Church of Ireland in Cloyne, County Cork in Ireland. It is in the ecclesiastical province of Dublin.

Previously the cathedral of the Diocese of Cloyne, it is now one of three cathedrals in the United Dioceses of Cork, Cloyne and Ross. The Cloyne Round Tower is across the road from the cathedral and has been used as the tower for the cathedral bell.


Cathedral Church of St. Colman and Round Tower from 1873

The diocese was founded in 560 by St Colman. The site for his monastery and monastic school at Cloyne (Irish: Cluain Uamha or "Meadow of the Caves") was donated by Coirpre Cromm mac Crimthainn, King of Munster.[1] The Danes plundered Cloyne in 822, 824 and 885. Cloyne was recognised as a diocese at the Synod of Kells in 1152. The present church dates from 1250[2] and was built on the site of older buildings.[3] A Roman Catholic cathedral of St Colman was built at Cobh beginning in 1868 and completed in the early years of the 20th century.

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