Commissioner for South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands

Commissioner for South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands
Flag of the Commissioner for South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands.svg
Standard of the Commissioner
Alison Blake (cropped).jpg
Alison Blake
since 23 July 2022
AppointerCharles III
as King of the United Kingdom
Term lengthAt His Majesty's pleasure
Inaugural holderEdwin Porter Arrowsmith
First High Commissioner Merrick Baker Bates
First Commissioner
DeputyMs Jane Rumble
Deputy Commissioner
Flag of the Commissioner for South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands, 1992–99

The commissioner for South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands is the representative of the British monarch in the United Kingdom's overseas territory of South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands. The post is held in conjunction with the governorship of the Falkland Islands.

The post was created in 1985 when South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands was split from the Falkland Islands Dependencies to create a new overseas territory. As the territory has no native inhabitants, and the only population is the visiting military garrisons, and scientists from the British Antarctic Survey, there was no appointment of a governor. Instead the post of commissioner was created, the normal practice for uninhabited territory. The post was to be held by the current governor of the Falkland Islands, as that is the nearest inhabited overseas territory to SGSSI, and the presence of the Royal Navy in the South Atlantic allows the commissioner to be transported to the territory relatively quickly if necessary.

The commissioner retains the same powers as a governor, and is responsible for domestic affairs within the territory. The British Government retains responsibility for defence and international relations. The commissioner has her own flag for the territory, a Union Flag defaced with the territory's coat of arms. The arms were authorised for the commissioner on 14 February 1992.

List of commissioners

From To Name
1985 1988 Gordon Wesley Jewkes, CMG
1988 1992 William Hugh Fullerton, CMG
1992 1996 David Everard Tatham, CMG
1996 1999 Richard Peter Ralph, CMG, CVO
1999 2002 Donald Alexander Lamont
2002 2002 Russ Jarvis (acting)
2002 2006 Howard John Stredder Pearce, CMG
2006 2006 Harriet Hall (acting)
2006 2010 Alan Edden Huckle
2010 2014 Nigel Haywood, CVO
2014 2017 Colin Roberts, CVO
2017 2022 Nigel Phillips, CBE
2022 present Alison Blake, CMG

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