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Scarlet skimmer
Crocothemis servilia male by kadavoor.jpg
C. s. servilia, male
Scarlet skimmer, Keitakuen, Osaka II.jpg
C. s. mariannae, male
Scientific classification
C. servilia
Binomial name
Crocothemis servilia
(Drury, 1773)
  • Libellula ferruginea Fabricius, 1793
  • Libellula servilia Drury, 1773
  • Libellula soror Rambur, 1842

The scarlet skimmer[1][2] or ruddy marsh skimmer,[3] Crocothemis servilia,[4] is a species of dragonfly of the family Libellulidae, native to east and southeast Asia and introduced to Jamaica, Florida, and Hawaii.[1][5]


There are two known subspecies; Crocothemis servilia servilia (Drury, 1773)[6] and Crocothemis servilia mariannae Kiauta, 1983.[7] C. s. mariannae lacks the mid-dorsal black stripe.[8]

Description and habitat

It is a medium sized blood-red dragonfly with a thin black line along the mid-dorsal abdomen. Its eyes are blood-red above, purple laterally. Thorax is bright ferruginous, often blood-red on dorsum. Abdomen is blood-red, with a narrow black mid-dorsal carina. Anal appendages are blood-red. Female is similar to the male; but with olivaceous-brown thorax and abdomen. The black mid-dorsal carina is rather broad.[9]

It breeds in ponds, ditches, marshes, open swamps and rice fields.[9][10][11][3][2]

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