Crocus City Hall

Crocus City Hall
Exterior view of venue (2020)
Address20 Mezhdunarodnaya Street, 143402 Krasnogorsk, Moscow Oblast, Russia
LocationCrocus City
Coordinates55°49′33″N 37°23′25″E / 55.82583°N 37.39028°E / 55.82583; 37.39028
Public transit#3 Arbatsko-Pokrovskaya line Myakinino
OwnerCrocus International
Opened25 October 2009 (2009-10-25)
Closed22 March 2024

The Crocus City Hall (Russian: Крокус-Сити-холл, romanizedKrokus-Siti-kholl) is a music venue located in Krasnogorsk, Moscow Oblast (north-west of central Moscow, close to the Moscow Ring Road). The venue was opened by the businessman Aras Agalarov on 25 October 2009. On 22 March 2024, it was severely damaged by an explosion during a major terrorist attack that killed at least 144 people.


The concert hall is a part of Crocus City, comprising the Crocus City Mall, Crocus Expo and Vegas City Hall [ru], along with various hotels and restaurants.[citation needed] Crocus City Hall was built in 2009 as a concert venue with a capacity of 6,200 people; it is one of the largest in the area. It is part of a larger block of shopping centers, restaurants, and other attractions called Crocus City. Crocus refers to brightly colored, seasonal flowers that grow in the spring from a bulb.


Venue configurations/capacities
Layout Reserved General admission
Auditorium 6,178 7,233
Concert hall 3,235 4,291
Theater 3,235 2,179[citation needed]


Notable performers have included Eric Clapton, a-ha and Joe Cocker.

Other events

2024 attack

On 22 March 2024, at around 20:00 MSK (UTC+3), a mass shooting and multiple explosions occurred at the Crocus City Hall music venue. At least 144 people were killed and more than 551 injured after four masked and camouflaged gunmen opened fire on the people gathered at the venue. Russia's Foreign Ministry called the incident a terrorist attack. The Islamic State – Khorasan Province (IS-KP or ISIS–K), a South-Central Asia-based regional affiliate of the Islamic State, claimed responsibility.

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