Cyberposium 15

HBS Tech Conference (Formally named "Cyberposium") is the largest MBA technology and media conference in the world. Held at Harvard Business School since 1992, the conference draws some 1,300 attendees from the tech industry as well as from the VC and startup communities. Held on the campus of HBS, the Tech Conference is the primary campus event of Harvard Business School's Tech Club.

The 2017 conference will be held on Saturday, September 16, 2017, on the school's campus in Boston. Please see the HBS Tech Conference website for more information.


Year Theme Keynote Speaker(s)
1992/1993 Harvard/MIT Communications 2000 Symposium at the Harvard Business School:

The Dawn of a $3.5 Trillion Communications Mega-Industry - Information Access, Processing and Distribution in a Digital World

John Sculley (Apple Computer)
1995/6 Interactive Media, Internet, and Communications  
1996/7 Digital Field of Dreams John Sculley (Apple Computer)

Halsey Minor (CNET)

1997/8 The Net Effect Jerry Yang (Yahoo!)

Eric Hippeau (Ziff Davis)

1998/9 Net-working Carly Fiorina (Lucent)

Guy Kawasaki (

Bob Lessin (WIT Capital)

1999/2000 Leading the Digital Millennium Jeff Bezos (

Dave Wetherell (CMGI)

2000/1 David, Goliath, and Disruption Tim Koogle (Yahoo!)

Hank Barry (Napster)

Jim Barksdale (Netscape)

2001/2 High-tech Balancing Act Thomas Siebel (Siebel Systems)

Dean Kamen (Segway)

2002/3 Finding Hope in the Tech Rubble Russell Simmons (Def Jam)

Eric Janszen (BlueSocket)

2003/4 Harnessing Technology's Promise Tony Scott (General Motors)

Eric B. Kim (Samsung)

Linda Sanford (IBM)

2004/5 Realizing the Value of Convergence F. Thomson Leighton (Akamai)

Fred Weber (AMD)

2005/6 Techknowledge for Tomorrow Jim Balsillie (Research In Motion)

Geoffrey Moore (Author)

Elon Musk (SpaceX)

2006/7 Need Directions? Mapping Future Technology Marissa Mayer (Google)

Ed Colligan (Palm)

Steve Papa (Endeca)

2007/8 Innovation without Borders Ray Kurzweil

Philip Rosedale (Linden Lab)

Walt Mossberg (The Wall Street Journal)

2008/9 Emerging and Converging Craig Newmark (Craigslist)

Mark Jannot (Popular Science)

2010/11 Battle of the Platforms Joe Kennedy (Pandora)

Peter Chou (HTC)

2011/12 Sky's the Limit? Brad Smith (Intuit)

Jack Trenton (Sony)

Katie Mitic (Facebook)

2012/13 The Battle for Access Drew Houston (Dropbox)

Lee Hower (LinkedIn)

Alexa Hirschfeld (Paperless Post)

2013/14 Techonomy 2.0 Travis Kalanick (Uber)

Rich Miner (Google Ventures)

Bill Clerico (WePay)

2014/15 Future Within Focus Sam Altman (YCombinator)

Matt Wallach (Veeva Systems)

Jennifer Fleiss (Rent the Runway)

Zach Nelson and Evan Goldberg (NetSuite)

Chris Hulls (Life360)

2016/2017 Hello World Brendan Iribe (Oculus VR)

Max Levchin (PayPal)

Apoorva Mehta (Instacart)

2017/2018 The Future We're Building Bozoma Saint John (Uber)

Deep Nishar (SoftBank)

Carolyn Everson (Facebook)

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