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Dercy Gonçalves

Dercy Gonçalves
Dercy Gonçalves in 2004
Dolores Gonçalves Costa

(1907-06-23)June 23, 1907
DiedJuly 19, 2008(2008-07-19) (aged 101)
Years active1929–2003
Height4 ft 11 in (1.50 m)
Spouse(s)Danilo Bastos (1943–63)

Dercy Gonçalves, stage name of Dolores Gonçalves Costa, (June 23, 1907 – July 19, 2008) was a Brazilian comedian. She stood 4 feet 11 inches (1.50 m) tall. In her 86-year-long career, Dercy Gonçalves worked in the theater, revues, film, radio and television, becoming famous by her humorous use of vulgar language. In 1991, at the age of 83, she caused controversy by exposing her breasts while parading with a Samba school in Rio de Janeiro's Carnaval.

She died on July 19, 2008 from pneumonia at the age of 101. She was buried in her birth town, in stand-up position. Her mausoleum, designed by herself in 1991, has the shape of a glass pyramid. The conception is similar to Louvre Pyramid.[1]

Dercy Gonçalves currently holds the record for Longest Career as an Actress with Guinness World Records (86 years).[2]

Dercy Gonçalves and Ribeiro Fortes, 1966.


Dercy Gonçalves was biographed in 1994 by Maria Adelaide Amaral. The book was titled Dercy de Cabo a Rabo (a popular expression in Portuguese that means "from the beginning to the end", and in this particular case, "The complete Dercy").[3] Amaral also adapted her book into the 2012 miniseries Dercy de Verdade ("The true Dercy"). Dercy Gonçalves was portrayed by Luiza Périssé (teen), Heloísa Périssé (young) and Fafy Siqueira (older).[4]

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