Founding leaderJeremy MacKenzie
Slogan"Gun or rope"
Websitediagolon.org (2022 archive)

Diagolon is a Canadian alt-right organization, conceived by podcaster Jeremy MacKenzie. The US Department of State's Bureau of Counterterrorism has called it a far-right "extremist" group. It was mentioned in news coverage of the Canada convoy protest.

Organisation and aims

Diagolon is a right-wing, alt-right, extremist militia network with chapters throughout Canada. A House of Commons of Canada report called it a "violent extremist organisation." According to the Canadian Anti-Hate Network, a group with publications described as biased by the government of Saskatchewan, the "neo-fascist militia" believes that "a violent revolution is coming," and is an "accelerationist movement that believes a revolution is inevitable and necessary to collapse the current government system".

Diagolon associate Alex Vriend has promoted the neo-Nazi propaganda film Europa: The Last Battle in chatrooms. Barbara Perry, director of Ontario Tech University's Centre on Hate, Bias and Extremism, described Diagolon's ambition to create a "white ethnonationalist state" as irony poisoning to normalise hateful rhetoric through humour. The group's motto is "gun or rope".


The group emerged from the Plaid Army, according to the Canadian Anti-Hate Network.

The group's flag was seen at the Canada convoy protest in Ottawa. One piece of body seized along with weapons and ammunition at the property of a murder conspiracy suspect during the protest blockade of the Sweetgrass–Coutts Border Crossing reportedly had a Diagolon patch. In February 2023, Paul Rouleau described Diagolon's presence at both the Ottawa and Coutts protests as "the most troubling connection between protest locations" in his report following the Public Order Emergency Commission into the use of the Emergencies Act.

In 2022 Pierre Poilievre called Diagolon members "losers" and "dirtbags" after they suggested raping Anaida Poilievre, his wife, on a podcast. Poilievre had previously been photographed shaking hands with Jeremy MacKenzie. Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino stated that the Royal Canadian Mounted Police were "reviewing" the rape statement.

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