Dry Creek Power Station

Dry Creek Power Station
LocationDry Creek, South Australia
Coordinates34°50′51″S 138°34′54″E / 34.8475°S 138.5818°E / -34.8475; 138.5818Coordinates: 34°50′51″S 138°34′54″E / 34.8475°S 138.5818°E / -34.8475; 138.5818
Commission date1973[1]
Owner(s)Engie Energy International
Mitsui & Co.
Operator(s)Engie Energy International
Thermal power station
Primary fuelNatural gas
Turbine technologyOpen cycle gas turbine[2]
Power generation
Units operational3[3]
Make and modelgas turbine (3)
Nameplate capacity156 MW
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Dry Creek Power Station is a power station at Dry Creek in the northern suburbs of Adelaide, South Australia. It is owned and operated by Synergen Power, a joint venture of Engie and Mitsui. The power station has three open cycle gas turbines, each rated at 52MW.[4] It was commissioned in 1973–1974 by the Electricity Trust of South Australia.[1]

As well as peaking electricity generation, the power station also provides ancillary services to support electricity grid stability.[5] Dry Creek Power Station was established around 1978.[6] It receives gas from the Moomba Adelaide Pipeline System.[7] In 2018, the operators of Dry Creek Power Station were fined A$60,000 for failing to respond to instructions from AEMO during a blackout caused by faults elsewhere in the network.[8]


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