Dublin Tech Summit

Dublin Tech Summit
Dublin Tech Summit logo.png
VenueRDS Dublin
Location(s)Dublin, Ireland
InauguratedFebruary 2017
FoundersIan Hyland, Ben English[1]
The RDS Dublin has hosted the Dublin Tech Summit

The Dublin Tech Summit (DTS) is an international technology conference held in Dublin, Ireland. The first summit took place on 15 and 16 February 2017, at the Convention Centre Dublin in the city's Silicon Docks area.

Irish telecoms firm Eir (Eircom Limited) was a founding partner of the Dublin Tech Summit and a lead sponsor.[2]

The event is one of many vying to fill the void left by the controversial departure of the Web Summit to Lisbon, Portugal after 2016.[1][3] It bills itself as one of Europe's "fastest growing international tech conferences".[4]

The summit aims to run annually, and to attract more than 10,000 attendees.[5] It is reputedly focused on attracting speakers, startups, exhibitors, sponsors and investors, covering a number of themes, including: emerging technologies, machine learning, space exploration, "Tech for Good", "Diversity in Tech", big data and analytics.[6]

In its inaugural event, two thirds of the 10,000 attendees came from outside Ireland, 48% were female, with DTS reportedly attempting to encourage attendance from under-represented groups in the tech industry.[7][8]

DTS19 (the 2019 event) took place at a new venue in Dublin's RDS Arena, and was held from 10 April to 11 April 2019.[9]


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