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Early On (1964–1966)

Early On (1964–1966)
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Released1991 (1991)
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Early On (1964–1966)
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Early On (1964–1966)
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Early On (1964–1966) is a compilation album by David Bowie, released in 1991. It is notable because of it being the first and only attempt to compile a comprehensive collection of all of Bowie's pre-Deram material and encompasses multiple labels including Vocallion, Parlophone, and Pye. Tracks three and four are alternate versions to the official singles, while "Do Anything You Say" is also a different mix to the normal single. There are also five unreleased songs included that came from Shel Talmy's collection. Talmy produced Bowie's second and third single. A cassette version was released, however this omitted "Liza Jane", "Louie, Louie Go Home", and "Good Morning Girl".[1]


Bowie began his recording career as Davie Jones, a variation of his birth name, David Robert Jones. His first single (tracks 1-2) was recorded with The King Bees. The B-side was also released by Paul Revere and the Raiders as "Louie, Go Home" in 1964.

Bowie switched to The Manish Boys for his second single (tracks 3-4). In February 1965, he switched again to The Lower Third (tracks 5-13). For his third single, he also changed his name to Davy Jones. To avoid confusion with The Monkees band member, he adopted the name David Bowie before his fourth single.

A financial dispute ended his relationship with The Lower Third on 28 January 1966. For his fifth single (tracks 14-15), he teamed up with The Buzz, who were uncredited on the release. Dissatisfied with the band's performance on tour, they were replaced with session musicians on Bowie's sixth single (tracks 16-17).

Track listing

All tracks are written by David Bowie, except "Liza Jane" by Leslie Conn, "Louie, Louie Go Home" by Mark Lindsay and Paul Revere, "I Pity the Fool" by Deadric Malone.

1."Liza Jane"recorded May 1964; A-side single released 5 Jun 19642:18
2."Louie, Louie Go Home"B-side single released 5 Jun 19642:12
3."I Pity the Fool"recorded 15 Jan 1965; A-side single released 5 Mar 19652:09
4."Take My Tip"B-side single released 5 Mar 19652:15
5."That's Where My Heart Is"demo recorded May-Jul 1965[2]2:28
6."I Want My Baby Back"demo recorded May-Jul 19652:39
7."Bars of the County Jail"demo recorded May-Jul 19652:07
8."You've Got a Habit of Leaving"recorded Jul 1965; A-side single released 20 Aug 19652:31
9."Baby Loves That Way"B-side single released 20 Aug 19653:02
10."I'll Follow You"recorded Jun-Jul 19652:02
11."Glad I've Got Nobody"recorded Jun-Jul 19652:31
12."Can't Help Thinking About Me"recorded 10 Dec 1965; A-side single released 14 Jan 19662:47
13."And I Say to Myself"recorded Dec 1965; B-side single released 14 Jan 19662:29
14."Do Anything You Say"recorded 7 Mar 1966; A-side single released 1 Apr 19662:31
15."Good Morning Girl"recorded Mar 1966; B-side single released 1 Apr 19662:14
16."I Dig Everything"recorded 5 Jul 1966; A-side single released Aug 19662:44
17."I'm Not Losing Sleep"B-side single released Aug 19662:52

Record Labels: Vocalion Pop (tracks 1-2); Parlophone (tracks 3–4, 8-9); Pye Records (tracks 12-17).


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