Edwin Clark University

Edwin Clark University
Established2015 (2015)
FounderEdwin Clark
Vice-ChancellorTimothy Olagbemiro
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5°22′43″N 5°53′46″E / 5.3786°N 5.8961°E / 5.3786; 5.8961Coordinates: 5°22′43″N 5°53′46″E / 5.3786°N 5.8961°E / 5.3786; 5.8961

Edwin Clark University is a privately-owned university located in Kaigbodo, Delta State, Nigeria. It was approved by the Federal Executive Council of Nigeria in 2015.[1]


Chief Edwin K. Clark is the founder of Edwin Clark University. The institution was established in May 2015.[2]


The principal officers of the institution as of 2018, are:

Office Holder
Chancellor Chief Edwin Clark
Vice Chancellor Prof. Timothy Oyebode Olagbemiro
Registrar Chief (Mrs) Rosalyn Egborge
Librarian Stephen Achavwuko Osiobe


  • Humanities, Management and Social Sciences
  • Law
  • Sciences
    • Department of Biology Sciences: offers Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) degrees in biology and microbiology
    • Department of Chemical Sciences: offers B.Sc. degrees in chemistry and industrial chemistry
    • Department of Mathematical Sciences: offers B.Sc. degrees in mathematics and computer science
    • Department of Physical Sciences: offers a B.Sc. degree in physics.[3]

Offices and units

  • Vice Chancellor's Office
  • Registry
  • Bursary


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