Eleme, Rivers

Eleme is located in Nigeria
Eleme is located in Africa
Coordinates: 4°47′15″N 7°8′37″E / 4.78750°N 7.14361°E / 4.78750; 7.14361
StateRivers State
Date created1996
 • Local Government ChairmanObarilomate Ollor (PDP)
 • Deputy Local Government ChairmanVirtue Ekee (PDP)
 • Local Government CouncilWard 1: Victor Daddy Chickere (PDP)
Ward 2: Jerry Nwolu Ejor (PDP)
Ward 3: Josephine Obari (PDP)
Ward 4: Patience Dabor (PDP)
Ward 5: Freedom Lekwa (PDP)
Ward 6: Dominic Okolah Ollor (PDP)
Ward 7: Roberts Ogosu (PDP)
Ward 8: Isaac Obele-Chu (PDP)
Ward 9: Victor Goka (PDP)
Ward 10: Jima Daniel Chumu (PDP)
 • Total53 sq mi (138 km2)
 • Total190,884
Time zoneUTC+1 (WAT)

Eleme is a local government area in Rivers State, Nigeria. It is part of the Port Harcourt metropolitan city.

Eleme has its headquarters in the town of Ogale.[citation needed] It covers an area of 138 km2 and at the 2006 Census had a population of 190,884. The Eleme people are Eleme's main indigenous ethnic group. Eleme LGA has two districts- Nchia and Odido and both administered under the Crown of the Oneh Eh Eleme (King of Eleme.)[citation needed]

As explained in a book edited by Imelda Icheji Lawrence Udoh and others, the Eleme language, of the Cross-River branch of the larger Niger-Congo language family, is the main spoken language.

Eleme has two of Nigeria's four, as of 2005, petroleum refineries and one of Nigeria's busiest seaport and the largest seaport in West Africa located at Onne, a famous town with numerous industries.

Towns and villages in Eleme Local government

Eleme has ten major towns or principalities which they refer to as The Ten Kingdoms. Each of these towns has numerous clans, subclans and villages headed by a Paramount Ruler popularly known as Oneh Eh- Eta. Under it you have the traditional rulers and the chiefs who's affairs is to over see smaller units of the traditionals. The ten major towns includes:

  1. Agbonchia
  2. Akpajo
  3. Alesa
  4. Aleto
  5. Alode
  6. Ebubu
  7. Ekporo
  8. Eteo
  9. Ogale
  10. Onne

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