Eliezer Goldberg

Eliezer Goldberg
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Traffic Judge
In office
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District Judge
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Supreme Court Judge
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Chair of the Central Election Commission (the 12th Knesset)
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State Comptroller of Israel
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5 July 1998 – 4 July 2005
Preceded byMiriam Ben-Porat
Succeeded byMicha Lindenstrauss

Eliezer Goldberg (Hebrew: אליעזר גולדברג) (born May 24, 1931) is a former Israeli Supreme Court judge, and former State Comptroller of Israel.

Early life and legal career

Goldberg was born in Jerusalem. There he attended the Hebrew Gymnasium Rehavia, graduating in 1949. From 1952–1955, he studied law in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, where he specialized in the office of the president of the Jerusalem District Court. From 1957-1964, Goldberg worked as a lawyer in a number of law firms.[1]

Judicial appointments

From 1964-1965, Goldberg served as a Traffic Judge. From 1965-1974, he served as Magistrate. In August 1974, he became a District Judge in the Jerusalem District Court, and in May 1982, he became its vice president.[1]

Supreme Court Judge

From March 1983 to March 1984, Goldberg served as Acting Supreme Court Judge. On April 18, 1984, he was appointed a Supreme Court Judge.[1]

Central Election Commission and committees

In 1988, Goldberg served as chair of the Central Election Commission (the 12th Knesset). He was a member, then chair, of the Committee for Criminal Jurisprudence Order. In 1994, he became a member in the Shamgar Commission (chaired by former Supreme Court president, Meir Shamgar) which investigated the Cave of the Patriarchs massacre. He also served in several other legal committees.[1]

State Comptroller

Goldberg was voted by the Knesset for a seven-year term as Israel's State Comptroller and Public Complaints Commissioner (from July 5, 1998, to July 4, 2005). On May 18, 2006, he received an esteem award from the influential Movement for Quality Government.[1] From 2007 to 2011 he presided over the Goldberg Commission considering Bedouin land rights.


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