Erin-Ile, Kwara

Erin-Ile is an agrarian community, an ancient town with history dated back to 16 century. The town is presently located in the North-Central state of Nigeria, Kwara.[1].

Moje College of Education

Moje College of education is a government accredited college of education in erin-ile. The college has programs in education, language, sciences, arts and social sciences.[2]

Riots with Offa

[3] The town have been in several conflicts with the neighboring town offa over land for several years as long as 1973 when the supreme court first ruled on the issue.[4] . In 2013, Federal Polytechnic, Offa was closed down due to the riots. The masjid noor and the descendant union in offa were vandalised. Erin-Ile was under attack as well.[5]


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