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Erol Güngör

Erol Güngör (November 25, 1938 in Kırşehir – April 24, 1983 in İstanbul) was a Turkish sociologist, psychologist, and writer.


After spending a period in Faculty of Law, Güngör graduated from Faculty of Literature and Social Sciences of Istanbul University in 1961. He received his Ph.D. in 1965 with a thesis titled "Kelâmî (Verbal) Yapılarda Estetik Organizasyon". Kenneth Hammond invited him to visit the University of Colorado. He became an associate professor with his thesis titled "Şahıslar arası İhtilafların Çözümünde Lisanın Rolü" in 1970. He became an academic of Faculty of Literature and Social Sciences of Istanbul University in 1975. He eventually became the president of Selçuk University in 1982.

He mostly studied on culture, personality, customs, people, and religion. He focuses on the identity and cultural problems which Turkish people have been facing last 150 years.


Some of his works are:

  • Ahlak Psikolojisi ve Sosyal Ahlak (Ötüken Neşriyat, İstanbul, 2000)
  • Dünden Bugüne Tarih Kültür ve Milliyetçilik (Ötüken Neşriyat, İstanbul, 2005)
  • İslam'ın Bugünkü Meseleleri (Ötüken Neşriyat, İstanbul, 2005)
  • İslam Tasavvufunun Meseleleri (Ötüken Neşriyat, İstanbul, 2004)
  • Kültür Değişmesi ve Milliyetçilik (Ötüken Neşriyat, İstanbul, 2003)
  • Sosyal Meseleler ve Aydınlar (Ötüken Neşriyat, İstanbul, 2003)
  • Türk Kültürü ve Milliyetçilik (Ötüken Neşriyat, İstanbul, 2004)
  • Türkiye'de Misyoner Faaliyetleri (Ötüken Neşriyat, İstanbul, 2005)
  • Tarihte Türkler (Ötüken Neşriyat, İstanbul, 2006)
  • Kelâmî Sahada Estetik Yapı Organizasyonu (Ötüken Neşriyat, İstanbul, 1999)
  • Şahıslar Arası İhtilafların Çözümünde Lisanın Yönü (Ötüken Neşriyat, İstanbul, 1998)
  • Değerler Psikolojisi Üzerine Araştırmalar (Ötüken Neşriyat, İstanbul, 1998)


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