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Estadio Monumental de Maturín

Estadio Monumental de Maturín
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LocationMaturín, Venezuela
Coordinates9°42′36″N 63°16′04″W / 9.709933341820792°N 63.2677446053749°W / 9.709933341820792; -63.2677446053749Coordinates: 9°42′36″N 63°16′04″W / 9.709933341820792°N 63.2677446053749°W / 9.709933341820792; -63.2677446053749
OperatorMonagas Sport Club
Construction costUS$85 million
Monagas Sport Club

The Estadio Monumental de Maturín (Monumental Stadium of Maturin) is the largest stadium in Venezuela by seating capacity, with 52,000 spectators. It was one of the venues of the 2007 Copa America. It is also the home stadium of the Monagas Sport Club.

It is located in the Industrial Zone of Maturin.


The entire stadium is covered with individual seating. It has a parking for 3,786 vehicles, a commercial area of 26,381 square metres, 44 radio booths, 8 television studios, suites and presidential box, delegates' lounge, anti doping control room and press room, three elevators, a parking-only authorities and players, two dressing rooms, dressing and locker rooms for referees for the security forces, ballboys and musical band.

Their positions are distributed as follows:

  • Western sector: 8116
  • Western sector 3 left: 2.977
  • Western sector 3 right: 2,966
  • North sector: 7719
  • South sector: 7719
  • Eastern sector: 11,389
  • Eastern sector 3 left: 3,892
  • Eastern sector 3 right: 3891

Total laid down: 48,669

  • Written press: 506
  • Radio and TV booths: 300
  • Suite level 1: 560
  • Suite level 2: 1,337
  • Presidential box: 220
  • Disabled: 204

Total capacity of this stadium: 52,000

Copa América 2007

The stadium was one of the venues of the Copa América 2007, and held the following matches:

Date Time(EDT) Team #1 Res. Team #2 Round
2007-07-01 16.00  Brazil 3-0  Chile Group B
18.15  Mexico 2-1  Ecuador
2007-07-08 16.00 6-0  Paraguay Quarter Finals

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