Etins Records

Etins Records
FounderEdwin Etinosa Ehiorobo
Country of originNigeria

Etins Records is a Nigerian record label founded by Edwin Etinosa Ehiorobo. The label is home to Yarden, Morien and formerly Victor AD. Services within the label includes, artist development and management, branding, audiovisual content and music recording.


Edwin Etinosa Ehiorobo founded Etins Records in December, 2017. "Wetin You Gain" was the first major release from the record label in July, 2018. The song received positive reviews from music critics including Joey Akan and was subsequently nominated for a Headies award in 2019 as Song of the Year. The record label had additional success with Victor AD with the release of "Tire You" featuring Davido in 2019.

Etins Record released the self-titled debut EP from Morien in 2019 and "Maria" as a standout single. Morien has since released additional EPs and singles under the label. The record label, also home to Yarden released "Wetin" in November 2022, with the song making appearances in several African charts including peaking at number in spotify viral chart (Nigeria) while also becoming a viral song on tiktok.


Current acts

Act Year
under the
Morien 2019 6
Yarden 2020 3



Artist Album Details
Morien Morien (EP) Released: 11 October 2019
Harmony on Your Lips (EP) Released: 2 April 2021


`List of singles released under Etins Records
Artist Title Year Album Release date
Victor AD "Wetin You Gain" 2018 Non-album single 13 July 2018
"No Idea" 16 July 2018
"Tire You" 2019 26 January 2019
"Why" 10 February 2019
Morien "Dangerous" 2020 6 March 2020
"Hope" 2020 13 November 2020
"Terminator" 2021 12 November 2021
"American Wonder" 2022 22 September 2022
Yarden "Wild" ft Swayzee 2020 7 August 2020
"Fl3x" 2022 3 September 2022
"Wetin" 2022 17 November 2022

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