euroCRIS is a European organization responsible for publicising work on current research information systems (CRIS). It maintains the CERIF standard for CRIS systems. The CERIF standard is maintained by the CERIF Task Group.

EuroCRIS is established to address issues of current research information systems worldwide, but with emphasis on Europe. CRIS may be organized thematically or along the lines of scientific disciplines. Issues are, but not limited to: databases global, thematical and according to type of information (expertise, projects, institution, facilities and products - including publications); standards and guidelines; best practice; data access and exchange mechanisms; and to address other data standardization issues within the realm of research, training and development (RTD, R&D), in a timely and efficient manner.

The primary goals of euroCRIS are to act as a single forum for all interested individuals and organizations to enter into dialog and resolution of all matters related to the use of information technology in the conduct of all research information system business. euroCRIS supports standardized, streamlined information exchange across all aspects of the CRIS lifecycle as follows:

  • Promote and improve communication and interaction between global CRIS
  • Maintain and publish the CERIF (Common European Research Information Format) recommendation and any standards endorsed by euroCRIS
  • Organize and run the CRIS series of conferences with associated workshops and other events
  • Provide a source of expertise in CRIS to members and to others under business arrangements made at the time
  • Develop euroCRIS guidelines
  • Nurture the CRIS community by events, a monthly newsletter, an online discussion forum and other appropriate mechanisms
  • Provide a forum for exploring and exploiting new and emerging concepts and technologies (including data quality, standards, etc.)
  • Establish a one-stop portal / gateway to international CRIS resources

Membership is open to any organization or individual who is interested in CRIS - without geographical limitations. Structure, identity and procedures have been laid down in formal statutes available. For adequate and flexible functioning the completion of major aims and core actions is assigned to Task Groups. At present five Task Groups are established and fully operational: CERIF, Institutional Repositories (IR-CERIF), Best Practice, Projects and Directory of Research Information Systems (DRIS).

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